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Child contact arrangements tend to be one of the most complicated areas of a separation. We are extremely experienced in such areas, and we are here to answer any concerns that you may have.

The Guardian reports that Family Courts currently face an 'imminent crisis' over huge rise in care applications. 

The Judicial Office released an emergency statement at the end of September, stating that there is "no clear strategy to manage the crisis" as the number of cases being dealt with by the family Courts in England and Wales has risen from an average of about £6,500 a year before 2009, to about £15,000 this year. 

It is not clear what has caused this surge in cases. However, what is clear is that if you are experiencing issues in relation to childcare/contact then it is imperative that you decide on your next steps quickly and efficiently. This will require expert advice as to how to proceed. 

We can advise on procedure, next steps, and provide representation throughout the procedure, including (if we reach that stage) Court proceedings. 

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