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It has been reported this week that Greggs the baker has dropped its legal battle against having to provide toilets in its branches with seating.  The firm was planning to challenge a ruling in favour of Hull City Council in 2016, but has now withdrawn its appeal and revised its policy to comply with the law.

This is the end of a complicated legal challenge in which Hull City Council actually sought judicial review after Greggs claimed that it had received guidance that toilets were not required from Newcastle City Council, the baker’s home town authority.

Government legislation states that “primary authority” advice must be followed by other local councils. Hull City Council challenged this, and argued that the law had been wrongly interpreted by Newcastle.  The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BIS) ruled against Hull City Council. The Council therefore sought judicial review at the High Court in May 2016, which found in its favour.

Who knew toilets could cause such a hassle for lawyers??

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