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What will Donald Trump do next?!

Donald Trump has made a spitfire round of Presidency Executive Orders since becoming president. The most dramatic so far, a ban on 218 million people entering the United States. 218 million people from Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia. When the acting Attorney-General Sally Yates refused to defend this ban and declared that she was not convinced the Order was lawful, Trump fired her, as though this would change the law. Yates could have tried to help the President argue around the remarkable inverse correlation between the scope of the Executive Order and the historical evidence of the likelihood of a country’s nationals committing acts of terror on American soil. Yates could have done the same in relation to the scope of the Executive Order and the extent of each country’s business dealings with Donald Trump. But she refused to betray her oath to defend and protect the Constitution. Donald Trump saw this as a betrayal of his government, and subsequently the nation.
It seems that anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump is a liar, a bigot, a “nasty woman” or “too politically correct”. His Presidency will soon turn into a one-man show where anyone who dears say no to President Trump is culled, and Nigel Farage sits beaming in the background.
As Trump continues to massacre civil liberties, who knows what headline will be next.
One thing is for sure, no job description should ever read “experience required” again, Trump is a reminder that you should apply for that job you want even if you have no experience whatsoever. 

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