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University seemed like a breeze after my first day of working in a fast paced law firm. The pressure to get your work done is intense but when you’re thrown into the deep end, swimming becomes a basic instinct.


At first it seemed as though I was being given tasks at random such as preparing notes, doing research, and making phone calls. I worked on an array of cases, which involved various areas of the law.


A few weeks into my placement I realized I was not only being given tasks, which I was being praised for, but also given opportunities to work on tasks which I struggled with. My experience in previous work places were that if you immediately excelled in certain areas but not others, your employer would avoid giving you tasks you struggled with. I was in awe that I was given opportunities and guidance in areas where I needed more experience in. The support I have been given at SMQ to further my capabilities is immense and the fact that my work makes a genuine difference to cases is worthwhile.


At a point in my life where I had graduated and was still unsure of whether to pursue a legal career, SMQ Legal became one of my biggest inspirations. The hard work that is put into the day to day running of the firm as well as the colleagues who go above and beyond for clients whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism is invigorating.


By Maryam Jabbar

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