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Why we love being a high street firm based on the Cowley Road

Intern, Abdullah Iqbal, explains the draw of the Cowley Road to a community based firm such as ours.

Oxford is renowned as one of the world’s most famous cities, partly due to it University’s historical lure combined with its excellence in academics.
However, the real gem of Oxford is overshadowed by the dreaming spires and unfortunately can be easily overlooked. Oxford’s very own silk road was established as University employees such as trades’ people needed an area to reside. The area's renowned multiculturalism was historically apparent during the immigration waves in the 1950s and 60s.
Cowley Road has not lost any of these attributes and in fact is a flagpole for multicultural Britain. Diversity extends from ethnicity, religion and culture. The wide variety of shops on the Cowley Road is testament to this: from the Lebanese, Polish, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan and many other shops. The coffee shops are a melting pot of ideas where you can meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
The Cowley Road carnival, with its vibrant colours and exotic events bring together many different people in and around Oxford to celebrate their diversity, creativity, and energy.
There's no Trump Ban here on who is welcome to enjoy our community!

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