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Suezanne King

Suezanne founded SMQ Legal Services in Oxford with the aim of providing the best possible advice to clients 24 hours a day, placing the quality of assistance as a paramount objective above financial constraints. 

Suezanne is an experienced solicitor advocate who has a varied practice in law.
She  is an established advocate enjoying rights of audience in the Crown Court and is Duty Qualified. Suezanne is a fully accredited Police Station Representative, advising and representing clients in the Police Station, and prides herself on providing a robust defence for suspects being questioned by the police. She often attends the police stations for clients in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, London, Surrey as well other parts of the UK.
Suezanne’s practice has been extended to civil litigation where she has challenged the Article 10 ‘freedom of expression’ open justice principle to prevent publication in the Appellate Courts. 

Suezanne’s personable approach with her clients and true understanding of their plight enables her to represent her client’s best interests at all times.

Contact number: 01865 246 991

Dr Michelle Qume

Michelle founded SMQ Legal Services with Suezanne to ensure the best possible advice is provided to to clients 24 hours a day. The quality of assistance is of utmost importance.  

Michelle has a PhD and possesses excellent management skills. She spent many years in clinical trials and data management and employs best practice methods to ensure an exceptional standard of service. Michelle both teaches and is an on-going student of accountancy. Michelle’s role with SMQ Legal Services LLP, based in Oxford, is to ensure that the firm runs smoothly and that Suezanne is fully supported, allowing her to represent her client’s best interests at all times.


Contact number: 01865 246 991